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If you need tree services, look no further than Apex Tree Co. We offer reliable, convenient, and insured tree care. We dedicate ourselves to bringing out the full aesthetic potential of your property.

We are here to help our community.

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Tree Care Services

Tree Removal

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Nothing Is Out Of Our Reach When It Comes To The Tree Care Services We Provide

We can do anything from trimming palms to clearing an entire lot. Because we want to ensure we meet your needs quickly and expertly, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our crew will show up on time, uniformly, and prepared to transform your outdoor space into a paradise.

We have cutting-edge machinery that can access even the most inaccessible areas, and we always return the lawn to its original condition. We are experts at bringing out the best in any property through expert tree trimming and health consultations. If another arborist examines your tree and advises its removal, you should not listen to them. When providing quotes, we always give realistic estimates.

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How It Works

Upload Photos

Simply snap a few photos of the trees that need to be trimmed, cut down, or removed with your smartphone, click Get a Quote, fill out your details, and submit the form.

Get a Quote in Minutes

In a matter of minutes, one of our professional arborists will contact you to discuss your needs and give you a quote.

How the Work is done

We use the most advanced equipment on the market and meticulous planning to ensure that your property is not harmed in any way while safely removing or trimming the thorny tree.

Tree Services
Tree Services

Affordable And Transparent Tree Service Prices

When clients call, they frequently want to know how much we charge for tree services. If you don't know the precise location of the tree and other relevant safety information, this is a highly challenging task. Even if you send us pictures, we may still need to visit your location at no additional cost to provide a more accurate estimate. Whether you need a tree trimmed for $50 or a lot cleared for $20,000, we aim to provide the most transparent estimate possible. Consultations about your trees are on the house.

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Tree Removal

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Tree Cutting

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Tree Trimming

Tree Service FAQ's
Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Service

Q: How do I Choose The Right Tree Service Provider for My Needs?

A: Be sure that the tree service you hire has proper insurance and a valid Florida license before you hire them. You don't want some uninsured amateur to drop a 1.5-ton tree on your home. Ensure they have an arborist on staff who is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). That will guarantee that a qualified arborist provides trustworthy recommendations for caring for your trees.

Q: How Much Does A Tree Removal Cost?

A: The average person has no idea how much it costs to cut a tree down, so the final cost often comes as a shock. Palm tree removal can be very different from live oak tree removal. The price can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Whether the tree is in the front or back yard

  • If there are any fences or power lines nearby

  • If there are underground wires

  • How close the house is to the tree

For the most accurate and precise estimate, it's best to have a professional arborist inspect the land.

Q: Will The Tree Service Equipment Damage My Lawn?

A: No, assuming you went with a reputable tree service. We use the newest man lift technology, gentle on grass, and won't leave craters. We take great care to avoid destroying your pristine lawn by strategically placing where we drop trees and logs. To prevent ruts and divots in your yard, we will not hesitate to put our workforce to use by removing records from your property.

Q: Who Removes The Tree And Firewood

A: It's up to the buyer to decide. Customers typically have us clear out the entire site, including any firewood, but occasionally one will ask to keep the wood. Leaving everything in place can be cost-effective.

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